Marketing Design


Role: Marketing Designer

Bold and bright design for active, jewelry-wearing adventurers.

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Role: Marketing Designer

Comfy, informative design for wellness lovers.

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Homesick Candles
Role: Marketing Designer

Using product-specific design elements to inspire fondness in memories trapped in a candle vessel.

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We’re Not Really Strangers
Role: In-House Designer

Un-fussy design that’s directly relatable to a chronically-online audience.

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My history working in marketing design spans my time as an in-house designer who, as they say, wears many hats. In addition, my expereince originates from my time as a Marketing Designer for Win Brands Group, where I develop & direct design content on various marketing platforms for the 5 brands owned by the agency.

Graphic Design


We’re Not Really Strangers ︎︎︎ Brand design, Social media marketing, Art direction, etc.

3D Assets ︎︎︎
Typography, Product design, Iconography

Gallery of my graphic design work history.

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