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We’re Not Really Strangers

Digital Designer, 2021
Creative Asst. Designer, 2022

︎ Brand Identity
︎ Product Design
︎ Social Media Marketing
︎ Art Direction
︎ Photo Editing + Retouching
︎ 3D Assets
︎ Apparel Design
︎ Content Creation

We're Not Really Strangers is a card game that makes conversations better. In my role as both digital designer and creative assistant designer to the Founder, I paired innovative ideas with innovative design. I worked on collaborations with brands such as Valentino and HBO Max. I was the lead designer for the packaging and promotional material for the Kids Edition game, the Anxious Puzzle, Valentino x WNRS game, and the XXX Party game.

In the role as creative assistant designer, I collaborated with the copmany founder on campaign art directions, promotional material, and creative strategy. 

Additionally, as in the case with most small teams, I got my hands dirty with nearly every sector on the creative team. From analyzing social media performance to brainstorming new products to photo editing content.

View my We’re Not Really Strangers work in Marketing Design here.

I copied the exact handwritting of Final Note submissions for this instagram account owned by the company.

(For the purpose of high-res instagram posts, as the sumbissions were often low-fidelity. All created with permission.)