We're Not Really Strangers is a purpose-driven card game centered around creating meaningful connections.
My initial role as Junior Graphic Designer involved editing social media content and providing design assistance where needed. While I still am involved in content development and design assistance, my focus has shifted to working directly with the company founder.
In my current role as Creative Executive Assistant to the Founder, I serve as a critical conduit between Koreen, the founder, and the creative team. My work in this role can be describe as follows: innovate new product and apparel, world building for product campaigns, and build decks for internal creative content and partnership proposals. 
Overall, my collaborative nature in a multidisciplinary environment and my reactive flexibility with deliverables and time-management is what makes me most successful at my position.
The following content does not fully reflect my involvement in my Creative Executive Assistant position. The work I create is often in the development stage and is subjected to confidentiality.  
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