A boring listening experience.
Spotify re-imagined as calm technology
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In the spirit of calm technology, I created a boring listening experience. Now boring doesn’t mean 'not valuable,' instead it means distancing from the limitless digital world offered by our tiny square things we call phones. By reducing the Spotify app to a limited interface away from the phone, the user is empowered to slow down and enjoy the music they love and add more color to the moment rather than have a distracted, notification filled half-listening experience.
While I believe my video editing skills need further refining, this project is exemplary of my strong idea-generating skill. 
The first principle of calm technology is that it should require the smallest amount of attention. My re-imagined Spotify attempts to amplify the best of humanity while still being able to use basic music controls.
 By discovering and enjoying music, we can unlock our creativity and what makes our lives colorful.
Listening to music is great. I love it. Spotify makes it easy to discover new music. Listening to music can mean dancing or crying or feeling inspired or feeling focused. All of that makes our lives colorful. What dulls our life with this specific technology is how attached it is to the limitless digital world that feeds off our attention.
Out of all the ideas I imagined, I enjoyed this one best. It adds to the space it inhabits by providing the function of an alarm, a clock, a speaker, and music player. By being an alarm and a clock, it becomes an item for personal use which I think amplifies the “person not user” aspect of the music experience.
This sketch breakdown the more technical functions of this piece of calm technology. It incorporates gestures that we already use on other technology so there isn’t much of a learning curve with the new piece of tech. It incorporates a digital interface that can be on display or can be turned off.
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